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Death by Design, Peter Beale

Death by Design, Peter BealeDeath by Design, Peter BealeFate of British Tank Crews in World War IIThis is a fascinating book for those with a serious interest in armoured warfare and the development of British tanks prior to and during World War 2. It is filled with superb photographs and organisational charts and comparison tables.
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Louis XIII of France

Louis XIII of France was born in 1601 and died in 1643. Louis was the son of Henry IV and Marie de Medici. He was king from 1610 on, the year of his father's assassination. His monarchy was dominated by the careers of the Duke de Luynes and Cardinal Richelieu. His monarchy saw an expansion of absolute monarchical power started by Louis XI and advanced by the likes of Francis I and Henry II.
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The V1 was one of Hitler's secret weapons that he had told his generals that Nazi Germany possessed which would turn the way World War Two was going in 1944. The V1 was first launched against Britain in June 1944, just one week after D-Day. The V1 is difficult to classify as a weapon as it was not a true rocket in that it did not leave the atmosphere, but it was also clearly not a plane.
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